Kairos Cash: The Roadmap

KREDIT Tokenomics (Emissions & Buybacks) 🔥

Zero Emissions

  • As of now, we have minted and loaded 1/3 of KREDIT’s total supply allocated to the KrunchPad. Though not all of them are circulating, we wish to prevent excess supply and thus hope to facilitate the rise in KREDIT price.
  • The team has prepared sufficient liquidity to stabilize KASH as a stablecoin.

Weekly Buybacks

The Science Behind Collateral Boxes 🎁

Airdrop 🗳

Integration into the Multichain ⛓

Welcome to the Expansion Phase 🎇

  • Usher in a deflationary model that will give rise to KREDIT’s value.
  • List KASH on numerous DEXs to provide more utility to holders.
  • List KREDIT on CEXs to provide additional value.
  • Add a variety of ibTKNs used as collaterals.
  • Integrate into multichain (Terra, BSC, Solana, Polygon, etc.)
  • Partner up with the best protocols of various chains.
  • Initiate mass marketing.

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Kairos Cash

Kairos Cash

The Next Generation Lending Protocol with Interest-Bearing Collaterals🦚