Kairos Cash Updates

Kairos Cash x i4i Finance

We have partnered up with i4i Finance, a leading stableswap for Klaytn. With our official partnership, we will launch the first pool consisting of pure Klaytn-native stablecoins, which will be the backbone of the stablecoin ecosystem.

More than $8M Total Borrowed KASH

Since the launch on January 25th, the amount of KASH loaned out reached over $8M within just 20 days. This is about 1/4 of Kokoa Finance’s KSD — a major stable coin on Klaytn — in circulation. The number is still growing right now!

KREDIT Buyback

As we have announced in our Roadmap, we will be holding KREDIT weekly buybacks from now on. We have had three buybacks up to now. On February 11th, $23,415 worth of KREDIT, and on the 16th, $10000 KREDIT have been bought back and distributed to sKREDIT holders. $40,000 KREDIT have been bought back on February 24th.

Leveraging & Deleveraging Open

We are excited to announce that leverage and deleverage functions are available on Kairos Cash. Users can now take a leveraged long position on $KRNO and deleverage their positions even if they don’t have the required KASH in their wallets. Refer to our docs for a more detailed explanation!

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